On Entertainment

If I were to be honest with myself, entertainment is probably the number one thing my heart seeks. My heart seeks to have fun by being entertained through video games, people, sports, and the like. I know I’m not the only one like this. Western society, particularly America, pushes for entertainment and happiness like Bernie Sanders pushes for the downfall (or maybe fair treatment depending on your perspective) of cooperate America. That is to say entertainment is highly regarded and sought after in America. Some people say we should study history so we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past. With that idea in mind let’s visit one of the greatest theaters of entertainment of all time: the Ancient Roman Colosseum.

Rome was an incredibly powerful nation that controlled the European world for several hundred years. Eventually, corruption began to seep into the Rome. The emperors attempted to keep civilians happy by providing them “bread and circuses” or in modern words food and entertainment. As the power of Rome weakened, the spectacularity of the circuses rose and the food became more abundant. The Roman Colosseum was the location of the most spectacular events of all. People lived simply so that they could watch the proceedings of the Colosseum. The emperors of Rome knew this and made the Colosseum all the more extravagant. Instead of being concerned with the barbarians invading the outskirts of Roman land, people only wanted to see the next gladiator fight in the Colosseum. The entertainment Rome provided caused people’s minds to shift from worthwhile things to not so worthwhile things. The “bread and circuses” of Rome ruined society and partially led to her downfall. Entertainment truly is capable of ruining a society. We must ask ourselves: how similar is our society like that of Ancient Rome? Will our downfall be our own desire for entertainment? Will history repeat itself?


3 thoughts on “On Entertainment

  1. This is a very revealing perspective, princebradley. Your connection of today’s entertainment craze to that of the Romans is so original, I think you could write a whole essay on the topic. I can tell that you thought well about the prompt, and I could easily see the connection. I didn’t, however, understand the reference to Bernie Sanders. There’s no need to explain every reference you include, but just keep your audience in mind in the future.


  2. Dear Drew, I really enjoyed reading your post. I appreciate how you synthesized and made the connection between our desire for entertainment today with the desire for entertainment by the Roman society. This comparison made the argument easier to follow and more entertaining (no pun intended). I would suggest to try and fully expand more on some of your ideas. Your reference to Bernie Sanders is a little uncalled for and abrupt: it ruins the flow of the blog post. If you expanded on it, maybe I would’ve understood what you were trying to say. Other than that, really well done!


  3. Drew, this was an intriguing post to read. Your use of the Roman Empire, and specifically your use of history to allow the reader to think of entertainment as a cause of bringing downfall was interesting. Also, your introduction to the example and subject through your first paragraph let the reader transition smoothly to the next paragraph. Your first statement that testifies your position concerning entertainment gave me better insight to your thoughts. One small improvement you could make is rereading your second paragraph for a little redundancy–other than that, great job!


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