What if I were to live everyday intentionally?

Intentionally living is a topic that most of us don’t think about until we get to high school. Until then, we just sort of live and be happy. At least for the most part, many of us were happy. Intentionally living is different for everybody; everyone has different experiences, passions, and goals thus I think what it means to live intentionally is different for every person. I have come to the personal conclusion that living intentionally is about constant self-improvement.

Self-improvement doesn’t have to just be training at a sport or skill or something like that. For example, it can take the form of building relationships with other people. It’s not always increasing one’s ability to do something that constitutes self-improvement. Oftentimes, but not always, it is helpful to define something by defining what it is not. Like intentional living, self-improvement varies from person to person. If one is not receiving joy from an activity then they are not improving themselves. What does one gain by obtaining a high mastery over a craft that they simply don’t like? In my humble opinion, nothing. This is what intentionally living is to me: constant improvement.

Aside from what I think intentionally living is and how to achieve it, there will always be obstacles to living with a purpose. In my life, these obstacles are generally things that I have to do and take my time away from the things that I want to do. The best way to combat this is to regulate the things I don’t want to. For example, I really hate unpacking my bag after practice. I’m tired and hungry. Unpacking stuff is really unappetizing at that point in time. The problem is I need to unpack my bag so I can ready it for school tomorrow and my homework for tonight. The best way to conquer this problem, or mini-obstacle, is to do it the same way at the same time everyday. If I unpack my bag in that manner, I can put my mind on auto pilot and save my energy for more important things. Intentionally living is not an easy thing. There are obstacles and it takes a lot of willpower to live life everyday with a purpose.


2 thoughts on “What if I were to live everyday intentionally?

  1. Hey Drew I enjoyed hearing what you had to say in this blog post 🙂 I liked how you focused on the idea of constant self-improvement and how it varies from person to person in how they each can specifically improve. I liked how you used a personal example in illustrating your point as it clarified and also helped the reader understand from a more personal/ interesting side what statement you were making. A critique would to maybe proofread a bit more, as your ideas didn’t always flow or connect. In the last paragraph you open with how to avoid obstacles for living a purposeful life, but previously you only talked about living with self-improvement and a live on intentionality so it was a bit confusing. Other than that well 🙂


  2. Drew, this post gave me great insights to what you thought was an intentional life, and I do agree. You were able to clearly define an intentional life, and have supporting points to your definitions, both giving examples that support, and examples that contradict your definition. Also, you are able to give a strong standing to what an intentional life does for you, and how you are attempting at it. One small improvement you could make is maybe separate your second paragraph into more paragraphs, or have a clearer way of distinguishing your examples and counterexamples to clarify your thoughts. But other than that, great job!


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