2015: A Year in Review

2015 was, in all honesty, a pretty dull year. I look back on the highlights of the year and see that there weren’t that many incredible experiences. My 2015 was dominated by something that I don’t enjoy all that much: school. I can’t think of how many hours of my life I’ve sat in a classroom learning from a teacher or how many hours I’ve spent outside of class working on yet another homework assignment. The pursuit of knowledge has dominated my life for the past 10 years and the same was true for 2015. I like learning new things, school can be very interesting, but it’s generally just been a hassle for me. It’s been a hassle that I have to get out of my way before I can move on to the fun things in life. School is the one big thing I have to check off my list before I can get to sports, video games, family, and other fun activities.

I have slowly been coming to the realization that the dullness of 2015 was not because of school, or work, or lack of fun experiences, it was because of my mindset. When school becomes a life-consuming activity is when life becomes dull. Constantly thinking of the next homework assignment I have to turn in, the class I have to go to next, and how long it will take to write my papers is the wrong mindset to have. When I think like that I miss the little things in life. I miss the fact that I have wonderful friends to go through life with me. I miss the joy of shooting a basketball and hitting a volleyball. I miss the happiness I get from dissing my brother and hearing him dis me back. 2015 was dull because I stopped focusing on the little things; it is my goal this year to slow down and search out those little things. A friend once told me that I can choose whether or not to be happy. The only person’s happiness I have total control of is my own and with that in mind, I plan to go through 2016 not just living life but living life well.



4 thoughts on “2015: A Year in Review

  1. Dear Andrew
    Very insightful post. I agree with you, you are the only one who control’s your happiness. This post was engaging, as it did not have grammatical errors to distract me from what you were trying to communicate. Brilliantly structured, good job.


  2. Hey Andrew. I really enjoyed reading this post. One thing that I really enjoyed was how honest you were with both yourself and what you want to accomplish. Having this type of honesty is not easy, and to add, even the specificity with how you told us about yourself made me engaged and interested in what you had to say. I also like how there weren’t many grammatical errors in this post. Overall, really well done.


  3. Drew,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. You manage to bring so much of your own voice and self into your writing and I find that refreshing. You did a good job of transitioning your thoughts by dividing up the paragraphs. It really felt like you were smoothly moving the reader along to your next point and into the message of your post. Well done.


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