Projects: The Good & the Bad

Well, this topic. First things first, I hate group projects. Unfortunately, I have done a plethora of group projects since my inception. I find that group projects do not do a good job of teaching students subject matter. Some people like projects because projects often require a student to be creative. However, I lack creativity often required to do group projects; I always make sure that my “role” in the group is to research and provide correct information. I make others do creativity because I’m bad at it. I’m not artistically talented, musically talented, gifted in acting, or good at engaging in audience. My mind is wired for formulas and statistics. Thus I hate group projects because I’m simply not good at them, and they don’t help me learn the subject matter.

I’m a very individual student and person. I don’t like to share or rely on other people. Group projects force me into either relying on other group members to do work, or doing all the work myself. I tend to lean towards the later, because I like to have things my way. I have vivid memories of seventh grade when I would complete classwork, and four or five people would copy everything I wrote down. I didn’t use to mind that others would take advantage of the work I did. That’s why I often did all the work in group projects; but after a while, doing all the work every time begins to wear a person down. It’s a combination of lack of creativity skills and not relying on others that I hate group projects.

Despite the fact that I do hate group projects, I believe that they have some merits to them. One merit is that they teach students to work in a team. I’m not good at working with others, but group projects force me to. They make me build social skills and teamwork skills. Another merit of group projects is that they teach problem solving in a different way. The group needs to solve the problem together. Again, I’m not good at this but group projects forcing me to solve problems in a group is a good thing. I don’t think the value of group projects lays in the ability to teach a student subject matter (that’s one reason why I don’t like them); I think the value of group projects is in the life skills that they teach. Students can’t just always do things on their own and that’s a difficult thing for me to learn. Some of the things I hate most about group projects end up being the most valuable. I think that projects help a students develop skills that they will continue to use for a very long time.



4 thoughts on “Projects: The Good & the Bad

  1. Drew, it is effective how you are completely open about your ideas in your post here. You have a sort of demanding presence in this piece that makes your reader listen to you. My main suggestion would be to make sure that you back up your claims with evidence. Your claim “I hate group projects” is a huge one– maybe if you brought in examples from other people, it would support your idea. Also, your last paragraph seems to contradict what you were saying in the beginning. You start of saying that typically in group projects you either sit back or you do everything yourself. In your last paragraph, however, you say that group projects are good for building teams and helping people to work together and sharing the burden of a project. Could you pick one of these ideas and stick with it?

    I’m sure that group projects are incredibly difficult for people who are wired for individual work rather than working with other people, let alone the creativity aspect of it all!


  2. Drew! I liked how open you were with the audience in how group projects make you feel and how you were very out front/ straightforward in what you had to say. I would agree that group projects breed creativity and that if you’re not “creative enough” you lose points, where really creativity shouldn’t test you development and analysis of information you learned. I would say that on the flip side, sometimes you can get away with being really creative to make up for the lack of information learned and executed- which also isn’t a good product of group projects. I think that in this post you could have tied your ending idea in with your beginning. If you brought in something about group projects being beneficial to social/team building aspects in the beginning, it would have flowed better. Overall well done 🙂


  3. Drew, I really liked hearing your perspective on group projects. You openly tells us exactly how you feel about them and specifically why you dislike them. The organisation of your blog was also very good. Your first two paragraphs are about why you dislike group projects and then your last paragraph is about what is good about them, and why even the good is difficult for you. I have one suggestion. You start out with very descriptive diction and complicated words, which makes it very strong, but as it goes on, I noticed places where the diction could have been much stronger. The last sentence of your first paragraph is a main point, but the diction choice is rather weak, which is a bit distracting, having just come from a strong intro. Also, maybe focus on varying the word choice up a bit. I noticed you used the word “hate” a lot. Next time I would encourage you to spend more time on word choice and diction, which could make it much stronger. Other than that, it was well done! Keep up the good work!


  4. Drew,
    I really like how you open up with your opinion and don’t really dance around it. It is unexpected and that really helps to draw attention to what it is you have to say. You did a good job of pulling in personal experiences to back up your opinion which gives you a level of authority when writing about this subject. In your last paragraph, you switch gears from the side you had taken in the previous two paragraphs and end with that. Maybe if you gave both sides and concluded with the side you support, it would give your post more structure. I like the tone you use in your post and really enjoy reading your writing.


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