Who am I?

You may wonder why I have decided to write under the pseudonym of PrinceBradley. Well, Bradley is my last name and I call myself a prince for no other reason than that I am arrogant and pompous. I aspire to be brutally honest akin to the likes of Stephen Hawking and the great philosopher Jaedyn Smith. I have a great many ideas about a great many things, the only problem is that most of my opinions are formed out of ignorance. Like many young people, and even older folks, I debate things without any prior knowledge of a subject; I base my arguments on my past experience and “truths” I have come to believe. With that in mind, the reason why I write is to formulate my thoughts and ideas in a tangible manner onto the page. I write so that I can work through my own ignorance and come out as a more intelligent human. The process of writing is arduous and refining. It is a method of introspection that allows us to see our ideas, realize how bad they are, and re-think them.

In high school, the teacher often required that students write for a short period of time about a prompt. The reason I believe writing allows us to strengthen our understanding of certain topics is because of the number of times I was halfway through one of these writings for school, and I realized how flawed my argument was. I was writing complete trash. If I were to have expressed these ideas out loud, a child would have been able to pick apart my argument. Writing for short periods of time has developed my awareness of my own ignorance, and has made me think twice before I speak on subjects I really have no business speaking on. While somewhat of a drudge, writing is an invaluable way of expressing your ideas and strengthening them before presenting them to anyone else. This is why I write.

-The Prince


3 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Prince Bradley,
    Your strong sense of character – whether blatantly honest or fabricated – , your sarcastic humor and your strong diction aids in making this post an entertaining introduction to who you are. You state clearly what writing does for you and do so by providing a clear personal example of this. One thing to keep in mind would be to be careful of the arrangement of some of your sentences because although they do connect to the point your making it can seem a bit jumpy at times . For example, the jump between “In highschool…. about a prompt.” and “The reason …. my argument was” is slightly confusing.

    ~ Hiyab M.


  2. Prince Bradley,
    The strong and clear diction that you used throughout your piece was quite effective in developing a strong sense of character. This blog post makes a good introduction, because of the personality and humor that is weaved into every sentence. Over all this was a wonderful piece and I genuinely enjoyed reading it. I found the line that said, “I call myself a prince for no other reason than that I am arrogant and pompous,” particularly humorous, because it was quite unexpected. The only thing that I found slightly confusing was in some areas the thoughts switched rather abruptly, for example the first two lines of your second paragraph. Other than that I really enjoyed reading your blog entry.
    – Janet Lee.


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